Welcome to Becht Connect

This brief tour will teach you the basics of Connect and get you working with our Subject Matter Experts Quickly

Contact an Expert

Used for Ad-Hoc support, that requires less than 16 work hours to resolve
Click the B icon on the bottom right to get phone numbers, in the case of an emergency request

Request List

After submitting a request through Contact an Expert, your requests are stored in your Request List.
Click on specific requests to then respond back to requests
You’re initially guided to just “Mine”, the requests you have a role on. You can see “All” requests in your organization

Knowledge Library

There are several subpages under Knowledge Library, where you’ll find a host of technical information
Note the instructions at the top of each page for accessibility


Engineering calculators available to use
Within each calculator, you have the ability to toggle units and generate reports to save outside of the system

Projects with Becht

Shows all projects that your organization has with Becht
You also have the ability to download final reports


Summary of all of the requests from Contact an Expert
Can also make an excel data download clicking “Generate Report”

All Set

Click the How-To button in top blue bar if you ever need to refresh this information!